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  • Retired bilingual infantry Colonel in The Royal Canadian Regiment (The RCR) after more than 25 years of service


  • Loving father of a 10-year-old daughter


  • Eldest of five sons to Tom and Mabel Ruff


  • Grew up on a farm just outside Tara, Ontario


  • Member of the Tara Branch 383 of the Royal Canadian Legion for 30 years, Life member of The Royal Canadian Regiment Association and Life member of the Royal Military College Ex-Cadet Club


  • SCUBA Divemaster, canoeist, outdoors enthusiast


  • Proud rural Canadian who thinks Canada is the best country in the world


  • Chesley District High School (CDHS) graduate, Royal Military College graduate; Honours Bachelors of Space Science

  • Believes that politicians represent the people who elected them, first and foremost

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  • Trustworthy:  was a trusted member of the senior leadership team, and of his subordinates, peers and superiors


  • Always Learning: history of fostering an atmosphere of continuous improvement by removing barriers and driving forward programs and initiatives


  • Motivated: Highly motivated to channel past experiences serving with the military into an opportunity to further serve in a different capacity; believes in helping others


  • Results-oriented: strong work ethic, well-developed ability to set goals and establish priorities to achieve results that work for everyone



  • Leader: Dynamic, pragmatic and focused leader with 25 successful years working in the defence industry, in military operations, and with all levels of government (both here in Canada and around the world)


  • Manager: Responsible and accountable for managing budgets of more than $30 million


  • Team builder: Managed and supervised civilian, military and multi-national teams of 50-1000 personnel, has strong interpersonal skills and strives to be a role model for others to emulate


  • Communicator: possesses excellent communication skills; able to articulate and defend important issues while ensuring all facts are considered in decision making; bilingual


  • Problem Solver: demonstrated history of reviewing and critically analyzing complex problems and procedures

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  • 2011-13: commanded infantry battalion (approximately 1000 soldiers) and Chief of Staff for the Canadian contribution to the NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan


  • 2014-16: Deputy Director for planning all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations (domestic and international) including reviewing military portions of Memorandums to Cabinet, Trustee for The RCR Trust Fund, and member of the Board of Directors for The RCR Museum


  • 2017-18: served as Director for all joint training for the CAF including leading the designing, planning and execution of a Public Safety consequence management exercise with more than 47 different government departments and agencies (municipal, provincial, federal and US), briefed Assistant Deputy Ministers' committees, worked with  NORAD, US Joint Staff, NATO, and other allies


  • 2018-19: Chief of Staff for the multi-national Ministerial Liaison Team advising the Iraqi Ministry of Defence and Iraqi Ministry of Interior in Baghdad, Iraq 

  • 2019: Elected as the Member of Parliament for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

  • 2019-20Member of the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs.

  • 2020: Official Opposition Deputy Whip. Member of the Joint Interparliamentary Council.

  • 2021: Re-elected as the MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

  • 2021-22: Member of the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities and the Special Committee on Afghanistan.

  • 2022: Appointed to the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.


Alex Ruff is a proud Canadian and a trusted, proven leader dedicated to serving his community and country.  He won the federal Conservative nomination on Monday, April 22nd, 2019 and became the Conservative candidate for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound (BGOS). Subsequently, on October 21st, 2019 at the conclusion of the federal election, he was elected to the 43rd Parliament as the Member of Parliament (MP) for BGOS. He served on the Veterans Affairs Committee from 2019-20 until being appointed as the Opposition Deputy Whip in September 2020. He grew up on a farm just outside Tara and is no stranger to the unique issues facing a rural riding. He attended Chesley District High School (CDHS) and spent his summers farming and lifeguarding at the Tara Pool.

With multiple postings across Canada, he has developed a huge appreciation for the vast diversity and challenges that face everyday Canadians. Alex has always maintained his deep connections to the local community through his involvement with the Tara Legion and local community events. He frequently speaks to schools across the region, attends local Remembrance Day events and has even opened the Desboro Fall Fair.

In 1997, Alex graduated from Royal Military College with an Honours Bachelors of Space Science degree, and subsequently went on to command troops as an infantry officer in The Royal Canadian Regiment. He has extensive experience with six operational deployments including the 1998 ice storm in Eastern Ontario and Quebec, two in Bosnia, two in Afghanistan and most recently in Iraq.  From his 2007 combat deployment to Afghanistan, he was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross by the Governor General due to his "outstanding defeating a determined enemy."[1]​

His final military posting was in Baghdad, Iraq, as a key leader in the international efforts to defeat ISIS terrorists in the region before he returned home in January 2019 to run for federal politics.


Alex believes that politicians represent the people who elected them, first and foremost. He is honoured to continue his deep commitment to serve as the Member of Parliament in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound where he is putting his energy, experience and passion to work ensuring the constituents of this incredible riding are represented in Ottawa.










  • Rural Canada. Will be the voice that stands up for rural Canada and the need to foster responsible development of small business through innovation.


  • Economy/Deficit Control. Committed to a government that understands how to properly manage the economy, recognizes there is only one taxpayer (the people), and knows over-taxation isn't the solution.


  • Agriculture. Believes that agriculture is key to the Canadian economy and that policy should be developed through consultations with agriculture producers


  • Seniors. Believes in family and taking care of our seniors. As a riding with a significant senior population, we need to ensure seniors continue to have quality of life, accessible health care, and affordable housing.


  • Veterans/Military. Believes in taking care of our veterans and ensuring that our military is properly, and predictably, funded.


  • Environment. Believes in responsible, pragmatic stewardship of the environment.

  • Any concerns of the constituents of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound are concerns for Alex

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