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  • Rural Canada. Will be the voice that stands up for rural Canada and the need to foster responsible development of small business through innovation.


  • Economy/Deficit Control. Committed to a government that understands how to properly manage the economy, recognizes there is only one taxpayer (the people), and knows over-taxation isn't the solution.


  • Agriculture. Believes that agriculture is key to the Canadian economy and that policy should be developed through consultations with agriculture producers


  • Seniors. Believes in family and taking care of our seniors. As a riding with a significant senior population, we need to ensure seniors continue to have quality of life, accessible health care, and affordable housing.


  • Veterans/Military. Believes in taking care of our veterans and ensuring that our military is properly, and predictably, funded.


  • Environment. Believes in responsible, pragmatic stewardship of the environment.

  • Any concerns of the constituents of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound are concerns for Alex

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