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- Gen (retired) Rick Hillier, former Chief of Defence Staff​

Canadians don’t know what a gift they get in people like Alex Ruff serving them so quietly and effectively, with true courage and incredible values. Alex is a great leader who cares about his people first and foremost with the tenacity and drive to ensure the mission is always accomplished. A proven combat leader.


- Mike Patterson, Long Time Friend

Alex and I grew up together.  We went to public school in Tara and later on, secondary school in Chesley.  He has always been honest and hardworking.  His leadership qualities were evident very early on.  When voting, I feel it is important to support the candidate that would best represent the riding in Ottawa, regardless of party.  In the case of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound that would be Alex Ruff.

- Ivan Fenton, Major-General (retired)

I had the pleasure of meeting Alex when he was a young officer in my regiment, The Royal Canadian Regiment. I was so proud to meet another “Tara boy”, who had chosen to serve his country. It was a special joy because I had grown up in Arran Township knowing Alex’s family: his great-grandmother, grandparents and parents. His roots in Arran and Grey-Bruce are deep.

Over the years I watched with pleasure as Alex demonstrated the leadership and team-building skills that our regiment and our army needed -skills that are dearly needed among our political leaders. His talent was recognized in the succession of promotions he earned, as he rose to the rank of Colonel.

I am sorry that our Canadian Armed Forces have lost Alex, but I am delighted that our citizens, and especially the constituents of Grey-Bruce, will be served by such a humble, hard-working Canadian, who wants more than anything to serve the country we love.

- Brigadier General (Ret’d) R.P. Delaney, OMM, CD, Director Security Operations United Nations, New York

A decorated officer with over 25 years of service to Canada, Alex Ruff personifies service before self. One of the finest officers I’ve served with, I witnessed firsthand his tireless work ethic and passion to serve others while on operations together in Iraq. He is the ideal candidate to represent the constituents of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

- Peter Walsworth, Small Business Owner

Alex's work and life experience makes him the perfect candidate for MP in Bruce Grey Owen Sound. He grew up on a farm and went to school locally in Tara, giving him a great understanding of life in rural Canada.

His career, serving in the Canadian Armed Forces - Alex has proven his leadership abilities and dedication to hard work, through his command in numerous deployments.

Above all of that - Alex is a decent, well spoken, honest family man who I've had many great conversations with and am proud to endorse in the upcoming elections.

If you live in the Bruce Grey Owen Sound region, please consider Alex for the conservative nomination, and the upcoming federal election in October 2019.

- Dr. Brendan Hughes

You have been a positive influence on my own life from when I first met you.
You literally scaled a building to open a door to which I had locked myself out.

You have been a friend and confidant ever since....even though I do not see you often, I know you would be there in a heartbeat to help me out if needed.


You have been and are a great patriot.
I am proud to have served our country together with the Royal Canadian Regiment. 


I am proud to call you my friend. 
I am proud of your accomplishments in your military career, I think it has prepared you well for this next step. I think your constituents will be lucky to have you serve as their Member of Parliament.


I know your country needs your voice and talent.

Good luck
Pro Patria!

- Blaine Courtney, community leader, former coach and long-time friend

I have known Alex for many years. During that time I watched him mature as a student and as an athlete with the Saugeen Track & Field Club. I was proud of his decision to join the Canadian military and equally proud of his growth as a soldier and leader of men.

His plans to become our region’s new Conservative Party candidate is just another example of his desire to continue serving his community and country.

The lessons learned while serving our country provide him with a unique set of skills, which he will be able to put to good use as a member of our governing body in Ottawa. We need leaders like Alex who have proven their dedication and willingness to take on the difficult challenges we will face over the next years and beyond.

Alex Ruff deserves your serious consideration, as we prepare to select the person we want the Conservative party to put forth as their representative in the next Federal election.

- Howard Greig, former Warden of Grey County (1993 and 2000) and former Mayor of the Township Chatsworth/Sullivan (1988-2010)

I am proud to support Alex Ruff as our conservative candidate.  He will bring leadership and commitment to the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound. His vast experience, knowledge and integrity will be a definite asset to represent us at the federal level.

- Todd Somerville, retired Major, successfully transitioned veteran

Alex has had a brilliant career filled with incredible accomplishments and rising to the task of some of the most challenging leadership circumstances an officer could encounter. Alex is battle-tested, down-to-the-earth and a valued, trusted friend.

- Brian Macdonald, former Conservative MLA for Fredericton-West Hanwell (2010-18)

I've known Alex Ruff for over 25 years, since our first days together in the army. I've seen first hand Alex's dedication to service, through his honourable military career and to his deep connection to his home community of Tara. Having served overseas with Alex on two of his five overseas tours, I've witnessed Alex's ability to make sound decisions under great pressure. Alex is a hard worker, and knows how to get results. Wherever Alex was asked to serve, he always spoke fondly of his home, and was Tara's best ambassador. Alex has the youth, the experience, the charisma and the drive to be a great Member of Parliament for his home riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound. I know Alex will work hard to ensure both conservative values and local issues are well represented in Canada's Parliament. I fully endorse Alex's candidacy.

- Krista Gill, Local Business Person, Lifelong Friend & Supporter

I would like to start by saying that I believe that Alex is the right choice for the Conservative nomination in Bruce Grey Owen Sound.  We are fortunate to have him return home after serving our country for over 25 years, and although he may not have been able to live here for his entire life, he has always kept his home close to his heart returning regularly and staying in touch with our community.  Alex is a born leader.  He has been motivating and leading others to do and be their best his entire life.  He stands up for what is right.  He has integrity.  He listens, and he will be a strong voice for rural issues.  I am proud of Alex’s accomplishments and looking forward to supporting his new endeavours.

- Steve Hammell, Farmer and Mayor of Arran-Elderslie

Having known Alex for my entire life I will state that without a doubt he epitomizes hard work, dedication to his community, and service to our country.  He has my support in taking this next step.  

- Lloye Wathke, Retired Businesswoman/Farmer, former Desboro Fall Fair Executive and Community Minded Citizen

Colonel (retired) Alex Ruff is a knowledgeable, young and experienced candidate seeking the Conservative nomination for the upcoming federal election. Coming from a large, average, farming family, he knows what it is to work hard, to get a good education and to have a positive vision of the future for both our community and our great country of Canada. 


He has demonstrated his leadership and skills rising up through the ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces while serving Canada from sea-to-sea and on international deployments around the world in many war-torn countries. During his service, he has witnessed first-hand many issues that could have been rectified or improved through proper political governance. As such, he brings valuable knowledge and would be a great asset to our riding and to Canada if elected.


This man is very qualified with the necessary experience at the federal level to be a great candidate to represent the constituents of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound. He has my full support and endorsement.

- Mike Smith, 2010-11, Bruce County Warden

Alex brings a wealth of personal and professional life experience to this nomination contest in Bruce Grey Owen Sound. Throughout his career he has served our country with distinction and honour while maintaining his deep roots and strong connection to the local community. I have known Alex most of his life, from his school days in the Saugeen Track and Field Club to his many challenging and distinguished assignments serving our country in the military. He understands the issues important to the local area and his experience at the national level will be a great asset in representing the people of the riding. Alex would be great representative for Bruce Grey Owen Sound.

- Jeffrey Smith, Licensed Gunsmith, Valley Gunsmithing, Petawawa, ON

I have known Alex since 1997 and I knew right away he was a good person. Alex grew up on a farm, is no stranger to long hours and hard work, he just doesn't quit. Alex is a man on a mission. He knows Conservative values are the only way this country is going to survive. There is a lot of work to be done to repair the damage the Liberal Gov't has done. Alex knows the smoke and mirror tactics being used to vilify legal firearms ownership. Firearms are used daily for hunting / putting food on the table, competitive shooting sports, Olympic shooting, as well as collectors who love the history associated with them. The real issue is "freedom." The Liberals are famous for putting the blame on law-abiding firearms owners instead of punishing criminals. They are bullies who use the firearms issue to re-direct the public's attention from what is really going on in the world in order to cover up Liberal scandals (SNC). Alex will stand up for your rights and ‘fight the good fight.’ Alex has fought for this country in battle and is again battling Liberal tyranny on the home front. This country needs strong leadership. Alex Ruff is that leader!

I’d be honoured to continue my deep commitment to service as the next Member of Parliament in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound where I can put my youth, experience and passion to work ensuring the constituents of this incredible riding are being represented.

Alex Ruff

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