Conservative PLATFORM 2019

The Conservative Party of Canada 2019 Platform can be reviewed

Conservative Policy Declaration

The Conservative Party of Canada Policy Declaration can be reviewed here

Andrew Scheer:

My vision for canada

Andrew Scheer's "My Vision for Canada can be reviewed here

It includes keynotes on the environment, the economy, confederation, immigration and foreign policy.


A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment can be reviewed here

A Real Plan is built on three guiding principles:

  1. Green Technology, Not Taxes

  2. A Cleaner and Greener Natural Environment

  3. Taking the Climate Change Fight Global

A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment is Canada’s best chance to meet the Paris targets.

Our plan balances the need for Canada to fight climate change by lowering emissions with our core promise of leaving more money in Canadians’ pockets and letting them get ahead.

Andrew Scheer’s Health and Social Programs Guarantee

Under a new Conservative government, you will be able to count on stable and predictable health and social program funding.

It is critical for you to have confidence that these programs will be there for you when you need them.

That’s what Andrew Scheer’s guarantee is all about.

He knows how important it is to ensure quality public health care and social programs in every province.

Andrew Scheer’s Health and Social Program Guarantee guarantees his commitment to increasing both the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer if elected Prime Minister this October.

That means federal spending will keep on increasing to meet the needs of all Canadians, and ensure a quality public health care system in every province, no matter what.


With the Universal Tax Cut, the tax rate on income under $47,630 will be reduced from 15 per cent to 13.75 per cent. This will allow an individual taxpayer to save as much as $440 on their taxes. A two-income couple earning an average salary would save over $850 per year. 

Link to Conservative News Releases

As the Conservative Party announces new campaign commitments they can be found here:

Latest announcements include: support to small business, making home ownership more affordable, more support to Veterans, investing $1.5B in MRI and CT machines, and more.

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